The top policy priority of Texas Growth is the promotion of a sustainable, long-term funding solution for our transportation infrastructure and highway system. Currently, at the federal level, the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) is the predominant mechanism for supporting federal investment in transportation infrastructure projects. The primary source of funds for the HTF remains fuel-tax revenue. Increased fuel efficiency among today’s vehicles, along with increased roadway usage demand, has resulted in a funding challenge. Historically, Texas receives approximately 35% of its highway funds from the HTF annually.

Economic Growth

FullSizeRender4Texas Growth supports programs and policy that facilitate long-term economic growth in the State of Texas. Pro-business initiatives, such as maintaining a low regulatory environment and the commitment to developing a reliable and qualified workforce, both have a direct impact on the success of our business. A strong, robust Texas economy will create demand for products and services that only our industry and our business can provide.